Posted by: Street | January 20, 2013

Point Counters


I’m all about efficiency. if i have 30 minutes to workout, i’m doing what gives me the best bang for my buck. If i’m a person that is going to be on the road a lot, i’m driving a prius. If i’m going to try to get into the best shape of my life, i’m going to try and do it fast, not slow. now, don’t confuse any of that with a lack of effort.

Per the title of this blog post and the nature of this site in general, it should be no surprise that this topic is health related. I would argue that all things in life are health related, which is why achievement in this area of life spills over to every other area. that being said, on to the point counting. This may work for some people, and if it does, more power to you, but it is not efficient; furthermore, in most cases it doesn’t teach a lifestyle change. america is fat. You can’t argue that (can you say “poet and didn’t know it!”). America is lazy, no question. so why does counting points fail most of the time? Without even mentioning the shortcomings of the actual counting, if america is lazy, do we really expect people to take the extra time and effort to count their points? I think you know the answer to this one.

Say you are one heckuva point counter; why is it flawed?….Oh boy, where to begin…how about here:

My lovely bride has the gift of patience. I certainly do not. on the flip side, she has the misfortune of working in an “office space” environment. You ladies that are reading this will know exactly what I’m referring to as i explain this situation. My wife has a new story from nearly every day at work about the women counting their points. She listens to them as they talk about how they are skipping their meals to save up for a dinner date at leann chin’s later that night. Or better yet, how they ate and drank too much over the weekend, so now they again are skipping meals to conserve points (do you see a vicious cycle here?). to not be outdone, they eat “zero point foods” such as fruits and veggies (which are great, don’t get me wrong) but they hold off on eating lean protein sources because they are “point foods.” I’m trying really hard to not bang my head against the wall as i type this.

Re-read the above paragraph if you are a point counter, and for the love of God share this post with the fellow point counter you know. This is very flawed, and it troubles me to see others struggle with this system. I don’t do much personal training anymore, but of the hundreds of folks that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help, by far and away counting points was the most common method they’ve used in the past to lose weight. Was it effective? in some cases for a short time it was. But, guess what led them to search for a trainer? Again, I think you know the answer to this one.

In basic terms here is why this doesn’t work for most people.

  1. They will skip meals to indulge on other things
  2. Skimping on protein is a serious mistake
  3. Going from a big marshmallow to a small marshmallow isn’t what people are looking for.
  4. Skipping meals and not eating enough protein is a great way to lose a few pounds, much of which is going to be lean muscle mass. guess what happens to your metabolism when you lose muscle mass?
  5. Most point counters don’t exercise or strength train. don’t even get me started on this one. blog for a later date 😉

If you are looking for efficiency and eating habits for life-long results, learn about these habits here and begin incorporating one new habit per week. To make sure you aren’t being delusional with your fat loss avoid these delusional habits.
Fat loss and results can come quickly and stay for a lifetime. Just make sure you don’t kid yourself. Seek wisdom and always, always, consider the source. The best point counter that you know probably is not your best source of information.

– Street 


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