Posted by: Street | January 18, 2013

Are You the Butt of the Joke?

Head & Shoulders shampoo.


I’ve used this lame joke from time to time, but i’ll share it with you anyways. You are likely also wondering why i’d use a picture of a head and shoulders bottle as well. don’t quote me on this, but this may be an original joke!

So here’s how you set up the joke:

You: Man, he/she must use head and shoulders
Person: Why do you say that?
You: cuz he/she sure is flaky!


Be sure to follow that up with “and then i found $5 dollars.” Because you may end up getting crickets!!

That lame joke brings me to the point of this blog post. Being a man of your word. a more politically correct version, “being a person of your word.” lack of commitment is so prevalent today that it’s quite depressing if you dwell on it. when someone says yes to something, it’s so easy nowadays to text the person quickly with a “hey, i’m not feeling very good so I can’t make it.” or, “i got caught up at work so I won’t be able to make the workout.” or, “hey my dog just farted and it stinks so I can’t make it.” It even says in the bible: “simply let your Yes be yes and your no be no, anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

I don’t know about you, but i want to be known as a man who does what he said he was going to do. in fact, the more you simply do what you say you are going to do the more you’ll achieve in life. think about the constant state of failure one remains in when they say one thing, and then do the other. they will be referred to as flaky, a hypocrite, and your credibility is shot. my closest friends and family know that this is a value that i place very high on my list. why? because it demonstrate integrity and character of an individual. Those are the people that we should surround ourselves with because they make us better, they are more enjoyable to be around, and you can trust them.

don’t let the head and shoulders joke be at your expense.

– Street


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