Posted by: Street | December 8, 2011

8 Weight machines to avoid when you start working out again

When working amongst a very knowledgeable Sports Chiropractor, we oftentimes converse about some of the pieces of gym equipment and why they even exist. For most people, the machines tend to be where most people’s comfort zones are perhaps because of the Nautilus movement in the 80’s? Or was it the 70’s? Someone more experienced in age may be able to help with that one. Like most things in the last 30-40 years, exercise and strength training has evolved, so venture away from these machines and take a more functional approach to your exercise program.

What to avoid:                                                                    What to do as an alternative:

  1. The Leg Press Machine                                          1.    DB Goblet Squat


   2.   The Leg Extension Machine                                    2.    DB Split Squat


  3.    The Leg curl machine                                              3.    SB Hip Extensions


  4.    The Hip Abduction (inner/outer thigh) machine          4.    Band Walks


  5.    Torso Rotation machine                                          5.    Band/Cable Anti-Rotation Hold


  6.    Pec Deck                                                             6.    Pushups 


  7.    Abdominal Crunch Machine                                   7.    Straight Legged Sit-up


  8.    Back Extension Machine                                      8.    DB Stiff Legged Deadlift



Start putting your plan together now so that you can get your body functioning at its best.




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