Posted by: Street | November 30, 2011

Does my nutrition and exercise affect the genes of my children and my children’s children?

Sperm carrying fat

In a world where people have never been more aware of the benefits/necessity of being healthy and physically fit, the trends of Obesity and childhood Obesity continue to rise. I believe everyone inherently knows the basic formula of how to get on the right track, but there is an inherent (dare I say genetic) failure to act in our society. We pride ourselves on working hard and becoming someone of status in our careers and income, yet we neglect the fact that without your health, vitality, energy, and the physical capacity to do stuff, none of that career and income stuff matters. I’ve seen far too many people that I have worked with that became so involved in the rat race of life, trying to keep up with the Jones, that they wound up obese, on medication, in marital dissaray, and more often than not, their kids are obese as well. I’m already seeing this occur with many of the people I know in my age bracket, as I’m sure you do as well. This is a multi-dimensional topic, from the rat race, to being worn out, to neglecting one’s health, which leads to neglecting your children’s health and your grandchildren’s health. What a massive interrelated responsibility we have to take care of ourselves and our future family! As dark as this may sound, the bright news is that it’s reversible. There is much research out there showing nutrition, exercise (in particular strength training), and supplementation aiding in reversing these “genetic switches” and ridding yourself of the “obesity gene.” 

Here is a paragraph from a book (The Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley) I’m reading right now that seems to fit perfectly with this blog’s intended message:

“The most lasting satisfaction of life is in our relationships, so why are we trading them in for careers with companies that will drop us like hot potatoes if we miss our quota? Our standard of living must be measured more than one dimension.”

Here comes the tough questions to swallow if you are that person in the above paragraph, or if you see yourself on a similar path. 

  1. What if the way I eat and exercise affects the genes (i.e. fat sperm) I give my offspring?
  2. What if the way I eat during my pregnancy affects the health of my fetus and the future health of my child?

    Is this really what you'd want your fetus feeding on?

According to Dr. Carl Keen, who is one of the most highly cited nutritional researchers in the world, Nutrition can have a huge impact on the growth and development of children. Great nutrition for children starts in the womb. Nutrients must travel from the mother to the developing baby, and the supply (or lack) of nutrients can have a life-long impact on the health and well-being of children.

For the past 25 years, my colleagues and I at the University of California, Davis have studied the relationship between nutrition and development. Exciting new discoveries linking good nutrition to improved fetal growth and development helps result in better pregnancies and may boost child health and potentially even their intelligence. Click HERE for the entire article.

Does it really take science to reveal this phenomenon? Or, can it be as simple as being observant of this phenomenon? I challenge you to break the cycle that may exist in your family. Break the cycle of your future family. Break the cycle for your own health and fitness.

In the end, lasting relationships and leaving a lasting legacy for your family is what I believe strongly as a great philosophy in attacking life. These things can only be accomplished when one is healthy and balanced. 

Make these changes a priority in 2012, heck it’s 2011 still, do it now!



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