Posted by: Street | November 18, 2011

This works, try it.

This is a 100 pound replica of fat.....multiply this by 10.

Collectively, our amazing team has been able to literally reach out and touch hundreds of lives and help improve the quality of their lives, their workouts, and ultimately their health. If you want to see a health and fitness game plan that works and has led to well over 1,000 pounds of fat loss leaving people much leaner and meaner? Check a sample day from this plan:

Wake Up: Pre-breakfast Metabolic Fuel* and Muscle Food

Breakfast:  Perfect Breakfast with all necessary Gap Fillers*

Workout Routine:

  • Fuel Up
  • Foam Roll/Stretch/Warm-Up – 15 minutes
  • Strength training – 30 minutes (6 exercises/3 sets/ 8-12 reps/60 second rest periods/superset exercises)
  • Conditioning for Fat Loss – 14 minutes (30 seconds : 90 seconds x 7 rounds) i.e. KB Swings/Squat Jumps/MB Slams/Jump Rope
  • Recovery

Pre-Lunch Fuel: Metabolic Fuel*

Lunch: Joseph’s Flax Wrap with Turkey, Hummus, spinach. Bottle of Water. Apple. Cup of Raw Veggies (Hummus for dip)

Snack: Tuna w/Sweet Relish

Dinner: Chicken Breast with quinoa mixed with Broccoli/Cauliflower/Carrots w/Fish Oil

Snack: Protein Shake w/1 scoop Natural Peanut Butter (or other nut butter)

* All terms followed with asterisk (*) are the same product and part of 1 day’s serving

There it is, a sample workout day that has worked for hundreds of people. Do this workout day 3-4 times per week and see what happens. The non-workout days, eat in a similar fashion, just add a snack in where the workout is on the workout day.

Have  a great Thanksgiving! Lose a couple before you gain a couple. Then lose a few more before you gain a couple at Christmas. Win this season. Decide to take control.  Decide to put on fat or lose it.



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