Posted by: Street | September 27, 2011


Listen to the health and fitness “weirdo” closest to you and he/she will say the same thing. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is not expensive; in fact, it’s way cheaper than most people think. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle, like all things in life, is a matter of choice. The most common excuses for not pursuing a healthy lifestyle?

  1. I’m too busy to eat healthy and exercise!
  2. It’s too expensive to eat healthy!
  3. I lack the discipline to do that!

Let’s address the expense factor. I’m not going to dive into great detail here, but the average American spends between $8 – $12 per day as soon as they walk out the door spending their hard-earned money on the likes of gas station food, vending machines, going out for lunch, coffee at Starbucks and/or Caribou, happy hour, etc… What this equates to monthly is a staggering $160 – $240 per month! The previous math only applies to the work week. Many people I know are much much worse on the weekends, but let’s be conservative and just say that the same $8 – $12 occurs on the weekends as well. That means $240 – $360 per month is spent on primarily poor food and beverage choices! These are concepts that we generally know as true, but we put in the back of our minds because they aren’t flattering statistics of our choices.

Back to re-allocation, it becomes quite easy to see how simply re-allocating the money you are already spending on poor choices to simply spend that money on good choices. Your checkbook won’t even know the difference! In fact, you’ll likely have some extra money in your checking out each month due to making better daily choices with your nutrition.

Here are some simple tips to re-allocate your money towards healthy choices and ultimately a healthier looking body:

  1. Instead of eating out for lunch or eating gas station food for breakfast, add in a Meal Replacement Shake. This tactic will actually lead to savings. Plus, a  leaner body composition will occur when this tactic is used consistently. Average Savings: $2 per occurrence.
  2. Instead of stopping at StarBucks or Caribou for Coffee, add in some SPARK. Not only is this much more effective energy, long-lasting energy, and much less acidic in your body, it contains lots of vitamins and mineral and is sugar-free. Better yet, you’ll save money! Average Savings: $1.50 per occurrence.
  3. Eat your groceries and bring your lunch to work. This is so simple, but people are quite frankly too lazy to take this 5 minute step. Wake up 5 minutes early or make your lunch the night before. C’mon dude, this can seriously save you money and really have an impact on your health. Pack an apple, pack some veggies, pack a turkey wrap, and some rice cakes and peanut butter or mixed nuts. Average Savings: $3.00 per occurrence

Meal Replacement Shake                   +                 AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink= $3.50 savings/day

These 3 tactics alone have the ability to not only transform your body, but also your checkbook ($6.50/day)! I’m not saying that these all apply to you, maybe one of these tactics apply to you , maybe all three?! Only you can take the information and choose to do what you want to do with it.

Make the right choice, which will be the unpopular one, and practice the right choice consistently. Want to know what’s even cooler than that?! People will follow you and you’ll impact someone by them observing your healthy behavior. You can change someone’s life by merely helping yourself!

Stay strong,

Coach Street


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