Posted by: Street | August 26, 2011

Big Marshmallow or Small Marshmallow

I have to give credit where credit is due, and that is to a friend of mine who used to ask the question, “are you looking to go from big marshmallow to a small marshmallow,” when dealing with people who were looking to get into great shape, lean, defined, or in other words, the best shape of their life through running and/or walking.  The reason why this statement was used is because people are still stuck in the “jogging era,” or is pronounced “yogging” with a long J?

"Apparently you just run for an extended period of time?"

A lot can be figured out through pure observation. This time of year, many people are outside trying their hand at running and walking as their solution to lose body fat. What do you usually see from these people? Big marshmallows and small marshmallows. This may sound harsh, and of course there are always outliers, but generally what I see are overweight people walking and running. Now go into a weightroom and observe those that you see strength training regularly. What do you see there? You see muscles, less body fat, and a more desirable physique. Generally you don’t see the strength training area filled with big marshmallows and small marshmallows. There are many factors that can be discussed as to why this holds true in most scenarios, but let’s just keep it simple; people who strength train look better than those who don’t. Which begs the question? Why aren’t more people engaging in it?

Truth of the matter is this, if you aren’t strength training as part of your fitness regimen, the sail of your boat will not take you to body of your dreams, nor will it take you to “I just want to be healthy” town either. If you are an endurance athlete, your performance will be less than optimal if you don’t strength train and your risk for overuse injury will be higher. Numerous studies, which I won’t cite or mention in today’s post to save some time, have shown that strength training as part of exercise regimen is far more superior in resulting in more fat loss, increased bone density, more quality muscle mass, increased metabolism, and enhanced performance.

All components should be addressed in well designed fitness program. Nutrition education, muscular endurance, cardiovasular endurance, strength training, power training,  and flexibility training are essential to overall health and fitness. The bold items are those that I believe to be the “X” factors in achieving optimal results with your physique. I think many will agree, and if you haven’t taken to this advice yet, please do yourself and your body a favor by engaging in strength training in addition to the other components of health and fitness that you may already be addressing.

Stay strong!



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