Posted by: Street | July 6, 2011

Damage Control

Summer is a time of fun in the sun. I try to participate in that as much as possible, just like most of us in the Midwest; however, with our fun in the sun oftentimes comes a blatent disregard for our health and wellness. Of course some people have found a healthy balance of fun and health and fitness during the summer months, but the vast majority simply either use the summer as a way to stray even farther from their health and fitness goals or as a hiatus from the other 8-9 months of trying to get fit. The truth is that health, wellness, fitness, or whatever you want to call it is a year-round discipline.

While long overdue, this post is aimed at damage control. Yes I understand that people will consume more alcohol during the summer months, which doesn’t exactly make sense when you really think about it, and as a result are more likely to consume foods that aren’t exactly in line with most people’s health and fitness goals. The cold hard truth is that while you may want to be lean and mean, the summer activities are likely contributing to your own natural life preserver around your belly button. 

So……..let’s strategize.

Let’s do some math. Most people know that we should eat 5-6 meals per day, so that’s 35-42 meals per week. Since the weekends are generally where the mishaps occur, let’s first focus on the weekdays. What if you did your best during the week and consumed well-balanced healthy meals 90% of the time? This means about 22 meals of the 25 (being conservative with 5 meals/day during the week) are healthy meals built around veggies, fruit, lean proteins, and complex carbs. That leaves us with 10 more meals to be consumed on the weekends. Let’s also assume that most mishaps occur during the second half of most days, which means that breakfast, a snack, and lunch can still be healthy meals. This means that 6 out of 10 meals on the weekend are planned and healthy, while the others happen as they will. All in all, this strategy will lead to 28 healthy meals being consumed out of 35 during the week. This is a 80% adherence plan that will allow you to maintain progress you’ve made prior to the summer, or this may be a plan to make some tremendous progress during the summer; it all depends upon where you are at.

Another strategy that will provide some amazing “damage control” and will honestly almost give you an unfair advantage during the summer are taking a few key supplements. I like to think of it as the “Advocare Advantage.” Those who have taken these nutrition products and supplements know that they are simply the best and oftentimes leave the person scratching their heads in disbelief at how good they feel and how easy progress is maintained/enhanced despite sub-optimal efforts. I don’t want to promote sub-optimal efforts, but I do feel obligated to share an advantage. Below are some products that will give you a decided advantage:

1) Metabolic Nutrition System (3, C, or E) – I prefer Max E for maximum energy, great appetite control, and fat burning.

2) Spark – everyone loves Spark. It tastes great, provides great energy and mental focus, is sugar free, and quite nutritious.

3) Catalyst – nicknamed “butt-B-gone and gut-B-gone.” Protects your muscle and keeps your body burning body fat.

4) Meal Replacement Shakes – perfect meal balance and is convenient for the busy nature of summer. Great ice-cream substitute.

5) ThermoPlus – takes your metabolism from a walk to a jog. If your metabolism is jogs already, what if it sprinted?

Keep after it everyone. Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay lean.

– Coach Street


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