Posted by: Street | February 23, 2011

Post Workout Recovery Shakes


Whether I am working with an athlete or someone of the general population obviously I stress the importance of a healthy diet and proper sleep as the best ways to recover from intense exercise; however, one thing I do require to ensure to enhance the recovery process is that for every workout everyone takes a post-workout shake immediately after their workout. I provide all of the clients with the shaker cup, and they need to have the post-workout recovery shake. The most effective and best tasting recovery drink I have ever used is Advocare’s Post Workout Recovery.

Being that I provide resistance training and high intensity interval training with nearly every one of my clients, they are in need of glycogen replenishment and protein/amino acids after their workout to enhance their recovery. When amino acids are consumed after a resistance training workout, protein synthesis is enhanced to a greater extent than what is seen on an empty stomach, which results in a positive protein balance and an anabolic environment in the body (Hoffman, 2007). Furthermore, carbohydrate ingestion with the protein supplement is recommended for an insulin response in order to increase glucose uptake into the muscular tissue, which in turn can increase the muscle’s affinity to absorb amino acids. Carbohydrates provide only minor improvements in the muscle following strenuous activity, but in conjunction with protein and amino acids, protein uptake and the rate of protein synthesis (Hoffman, 2007).

It is for the reasons above that I require all clients to have a post-workout shake immediately after working out. It is in the best interest of all clients, regardless of goal, to preserve/gain muscle mass, and expedite the recovery process. If you view your body like a lamborghini, as I do with my own, get the best safest, most effective products from Advocare.

Hoffman, J. (2007). Protein Intake: The Effect of Timing. Strength and Conditioning Journal , 26-34.

 Post-Workout Recovery


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