Posted by: Street | February 4, 2011

Most Important Meals of the Day

Getting the day started off on the right foot still has to be tops on my list for most important meals of the day. Getting some good quality protein and some complex carbs with some fruit is always an excellent way to start off the day, plus it gets the metabolism flame roaring right away! After that, what would you think is the next “most important” meal(s) of the day?

I am going to speak as though you workout and you strength train. That being said the other most important meals of the day surround your workouts! The next questions is obviously, what do I eat before and after my workouts? Well the question is probably best asked, “what should I drink before and after my workouts?”

Research is showing time and time again that pre-workout drinks (supplements) and post workout shakes (supplements) are excellent ways of fueling your body with what it needs prior to a workout and immediately afterwards. By fueling your body with the AdvoCare® Muscle Fuelright supplements surrounding your workouts, you’ll likely experience greater strength gains and more favorable changes in your body composition (gains in lean mass and reductions in body fat). One study investigated supplement timing surrounding workouts versus other times of the day and differences between the groups was night and day with those who surrounded their workouts with pre and post workout supplementation (Cribb & Hayes, 2006).

Furthermore, it has been concluded that the use of pre-workout supplementation and post-workout supplementation is a simple strategy for those looking for the desired results of resistance training. Why do most people perform resistance training? I’d venture to say 99% of us do it to increase/maintain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. So this simple strategy is something you canPost-Workout Recovery employ immediately! It’s important to note from the study that those individuals who surrounded their workouts with pre and post workout supplementation experienced those benefits while not altering their normal diet (Cribb & Hayes, 2006)!

 Imagine if you altered your diet to a healthier one at the same time! Amazing results! What’s even more intriguing is that the researchers go on to mention how this simple strategy could potentially have a tremendous impact on those with a reduced capacity for exercise, such as frail elderly, cardiac rehab patients, HIV patients, cancer patients, and those with various muscular dystrophies.

Those who do not believe in supplements are beginning to be few and far between because science and research does not lie. I affiliate myself with the leaders in safe, quality nutrition and supplementation, which is Advocare. If you shop at GNC or Vitamin World, when’s the last time you bought something that actually worked? Something doesn’t work by simply giving you the jitters, it Muscle Strength™should lead to strength gains, positive body compositional changes, and enhanced recovery. The products should also be safe for the consumer and backed up by a company willing to go the extra mile to demonstrate it’s quality and purity. I’ll be showing just how effective these supplements are by surrounding my workouts with Advocare’s Muscle Fuel, Muscle Strength, and Post-Workout Recovery while I train for my second bodybuilding competition of my life, which is on May 21. Stay tuned for progress reports!

If you’ve experienced the power of these products, please share your experiences! My initial Advocare product success story was while working with a minor league baseball team I decided to show the guys on the team how to eat right and essentially “get CATALYST™shredded” as us guys like to say. So I started eating really healthy, (the food that was right in front of them in the locker room was exceptionally healthy and FREE; they simply chose Burger King and Chipotle) and started supplementing my workouts with Muscle Fuel and Catalyst. I lost 10 pounds of body fat in 7 weeks and my deadlift went from 275# for 5 reps to 330# for 5 reps! You do not experience those kind of strength gains while in a calorie deficit unless your supplements are really working for ya!

Don’t waste your workouts!

-Coach Street

Cribb, P., & Hayes, A. (2006). Effects of Supplement Timing and Resistance Exercise on Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 1918-1925.


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