Posted by: Street | January 13, 2011

Seek the Best to be your Best!

First off, don’t let the title of this post give you the impression that I’m a “know-it-all.” I’m far from it, and I fully subscribe to Kansas’s line of thought when it comes to wisdom:

“And if I claim to be wiseman, it surely means that I don’t know” Go ahead take in the whole song if you’d like……but the lyrics are at 2:17 seconds. Rock ‘N Roll

As with many of my posts, it was inspired by a conversation I had with another person. This just happened the other day as I met at a coffee shop with a young high school athlete looking to put on some muscle. I envied this kid’s determination to arm himself with the information he needed to make it happen. It became quite apparent that he’d been looking in the wrong places, not his fault, he just happened to listen to some people who think they know what they are talking about. You know the people I am talking about, the ding dong at the local GNC or similar supplement store that thinks he has the knowledge to provide direction to a young student-athlete. He tells him to lift 5-6 times per week and blast each muscle group on different days….stupendous advice GNC Ding Dong!

My point on this matter is find someone reputable to talk about your health, fitness, nutrition, and sport related goals. Find someone formally educated on the manner, someone with a degree perhaps? Find someone who has worked with goals similar to yours. If you are an athlete, seek out a qualified and respected strength and conditioning coach in your community. If you are someone looking for fat loss, look for a good personal trainer with an understanding of nutrition. If you are looking for nutritional products and supplemental products look for this symbol below on your products:

 Do not just go listen to Johnny Steriod and SlimFast Sally to figure out what works for them! 

-Coach Street


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