Posted by: Street | December 29, 2010

Training Concepts for Pitchers

All pitchers require good core stabilization in order to efficiently transfer the force from the ground up, as well as the rotational core stabilization needed to effectively transmit the ground force into rotational power. Pitching is an explosive action, and there is no way around that fact. Therefore, the training program needs to incorporate total body power training specific to pitching (Coleman, 2009).

While core stabilization (i.e. planking and bridging variations) training is important, it does not leave the pitcher adequately prepared for the rigors of the position, especially for the power pitcher. Medicine ball training is bridge between traditional core stabilization training and on the field pitching performance.  Coleman states, “We empirically know that sprinters cannot maintain speed by jogging and shot putters cannot maintain power with circuit training. Likewise, a pitcher cannot maintain his velocity by doing 3 sets of 10 reps at 70% in the weight-room and jog for 20 minutes. Pitchers must train for both maximal strength and power.”

Coleman, E. A. (2009). Training the Power Pitcher. Strength and Conditioning Journal , 49-58


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