Posted by: Street | December 1, 2010

The Hangover (from food)

Today’s post is short and sweet, and I hope it makes you think for second (hopefully for longer than a second, but you get the point). When we see the word “hangover” we often either think about:

A) The hilarious movie

B) Too much Southern Comfort (at least that’s what comes to mind for me)

Most people don’t relate food to hangover symptoms at all, but think about it, when do you make the worst nutritional decisions of your life? Maybe it’s everyday, but from my experiences its been while under the influence. We attribute the headache, lethargy, preaching to the porcelain God, and peeing out of our butts to the alcohol.

Could it maybe just be the entire Papa John’s pizza with extra garlic sauce that you ate before you passed out? Could it be the 2-Liter bottle of Coke that came along with it? Could it be the concoction of beans, cheese, and chilli with chips that are causing you to expell all sorts of smells not yet discovered by scientists? Call me crazy but I think so!

This happens even when you aren’t intoxicated. My point is, pay attention to your stomach, your energy levels, and your poop! You shouldn’t be tired all the time, you shouldn’t be bloated and have acid-reflux, and you shouldn’t have to clean the toilet often because the poop explodes out of you instead of just dropping into the water. Simply put, quit poisoning yourself and start eating healthy. If you don’t know what that is anymore, ask!

-Coach Street



  1. The Poop Police! This is a very good reminder. We are looking for the “earthy” smell!

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