Posted by: Street | November 2, 2010

The Waiting Game

I was having a conversation with a client of mine this morning about the psychology of change. She has been a client that I’ve worked with for nearly 2 years. Our successes have been a series of peaks and valleys. Her goal is weight loss and fat loss, and like most people who are 0ut there “trying,” she was not ready to change. Despite her good intentions, her actions were not matching her goals.

Remember a post awhile back titled “Trying is a promise to fail?”

Lately we have been having tremendous success, and this time around (it has been 6 months or so since I have worked with her last) it’s different. So I asked her today, “why now and not before?” The answer was simple, “I didn’t want it bad enough.”

So if you are reading this and have a health and fitness goal for yourself I ask you, “Why not now?” What could you possible be waiting for? Are you not starting because Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Are you not starting because Christmas is coming up? Are you waiting to start after the New Year? You know what these “waiting excuses” usually lead to? Another 5-10 lbs of fat gained that needs to be lost!  This cycle is asanine! You know what else? If you are playing the waiting game, you want to know truthfully what your fate will likely be? You will keep waiting! You will keep gaining weight and gaining fat. Life happens everyone, you’d think by now that was a lesson we all learned long ago! There is always going to be a holiday, a birthday, a vacation, a New Year, and if you don’t take action, get used to looking into the mirror and not recognizing yourself.

Harsh reality this morning folks! I got nothin’ but love for ya, but sometimes the message needs not to be sugar-coated. America is already eating too much of that anyway.

-Coach Street



  1. As Dr. Phil would say, “So how’s it working for ya?”

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