Posted by: Street | October 19, 2010

Green Tea: We could learn a thing or two from our Asian friends

There are lots of easy tips out there than can help us combat disease and give us an edge in today’s everyday health and fitness battle; unless you have been living in a cave, you have probably at least heard that Green Tea has some health related benefits. Well, today you will learn why, and in my experiences, once someone knows “the why” behind something they are more likely to adhere to it.

Reseach has shown that the daily consumption of tea may improve risk factors for coronary heart/artery disease, artherosclerosis, and some cancers. These health related benefits likely stem from the high antioxidant content (polyphenolic tannins and catechins) in green tea.


Anecdotally, green tea has also shown to be tremendous in relieving headaches, diarrhea, and upset stomachs. What’s probably of most interest to people are the metabolic benefits of ingesting green tea. Recent research has demonstrated that green tea is a greater thermogenic aid (fat burner) than caffeine alone. I know I say this a lot, but talk about a drink with some “bang for your buck!”  Recommendations lie within 1-3 cups of green tea per day; however, further benefits occur at intakes closer to 3 cups.

* These statements are courtesy of Precision Nutrition.

– Coach Street


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