Posted by: Street | October 8, 2010

The 10 Nutritional Habits That Will Change Your Life……IF?????

Man has it been busy since my return to the great state of Minnesota! Priority numero uno is to help my lovely fiance get everything prepared for our big day on October 23rd. Am I nervous? Heck no! I am excited; I am sure I’ll have some butterflies in the ‘ol belly when the day arrives, but I am quite certain that I have lucked out with a woman that can put up with me! Priority numero dos is to build my training business with motivated clients and get them fantastic results. Priority numero tres, help build the best baseball strength and conditioning program designed for baseball players aged 14-21 with two other excellent baseball strength and conditioning professionals….STAY TUNED FOR THAT!!!!! Priority numero quatro is to help spread the word of the great products Advocare has to offer; I cannot emphasize enough how much better these products are than anything you are going to find at the store. All that being said, I wanted to just drop a line at all of my faithful readers about 10 simple nutritional habits layed out by Precision Nutrition that will change your life IF you actually do them. These are not “press-stopping” concepts, in fact, you have likely heard of these concepts before. BUT, are you doing them?

1. Eat every 2-4 hours. Pretty simple right? NOW DO IT!

2. Eat complete, lean protein with every meal. (i.e. ground beef, chicken turkey, bison, venison, eggs, fish)

3. Eat veggies with every meal. People are god awful with eating veggies. Quit being 4 year olds and eat the darn things.

4. If fat loss is your goal, eat veggies and fruits with any meal; eat only “other carbs” after exercise. Make those carbs “work for ya!”

5. Eat healthy fats daily! What?! There is such a thing? Yes, extra-virgin olive oil, avocados, fish oil, and nuts are some good ones.

6. Don’t drink beverages with more than 0 calories! This concept can change your life! Put down the pop (even diet!), juice, and milk and simply drink high quality H2O!

7. Eat whole foods instead of supplements whenever possible. Good ‘ol fruits and veggies are always the superior choice over supplements, so eat them whenever you can.

8. Plan ahead and prepare food in advance! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Just do it until it becomes a habit. C’mon, I am 27 year old punk and I can do it, why can’t you?

9. Eat a wide variety of good foods as possible. Eat a variety of fruits, veggies, and proteins, and you’ll come out with a pretty balanced and healthy diet!

10. Plan to break the rules 10% of the time. Let me define this. If you eat 6 meals/day 7 days/week that equals 42 meals/week. This means that 4 meals of that week, you can break the rules mentioned above. This does NOT mean to head to your local Old Country Buffet and go hog wild, literally, but feel free to have a dinner that you would not otherwise have. The trick here is to simply jump back on the health wagon the very next meal.

Please, do yourself a favor. Stop beating yourself up. Our society is an unhealthy one; know that it is okay to break free from that trend. People will try to hault your progress because being healthy is not popular. In fact, it makes other unhealthy people feel uncomfortable because they know they should be doing the same thing. Be a leader and others will follow….I guarantee it!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m gonna be hangin’ with mother nature huntin’ for ‘Ol Mossy Horns with my friend the Matthews bow.

-Coach Street



  1. what makes advocate products superior to other supplements? do they have access to different ingredients or better science than other supplement companies?

    • The ingredients in Advocare products are pharmaceutical grade quality. Also, there sports/advisory committee is comprised of the industy’s best nutrition and supplement reseachers. What’s important for me as a user of the products and when it comes to recommending these products are the fact that they are banned substance free as well. I know that the ingredients listed are the exact ingredients that are in the products because they are screened through a separate company call informed choice. Also what’s neat about their products is the fact that they’ve researched the efficacy of their own products in regards to human performance: .

      Thanks for you contribution to the blog!

  2. can i contact you directly?

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