Posted by: Street | September 30, 2010

Nutritional Supplements You Should Be Taking!

Advocare Nutrition: The best ingredients + the SAFEST products = The Best Results

Think of the term “supplements” and you probably immediately get a picture of meathead GNC employee telling you need to take the latest Pre-workout supplement and protein supplement that is guaranteed to increase your muscle mass, strength, reduce your body fat, give you a 6-pack, increase your IQ, and give you Jessica Biel’s legs….o.k. maybe the last two were stretching it a bit, but do me a favor the next time you go into a GNC and read the outlandish marketing claims littering the product’s labels. Next, be prepared for the even crazier outlandish comments by the GNC guy who’s probably got a needle in his butt. What you need to know, is that many of these products are not legal by NCAA and professional sports standards. If a product is not safe for those who rely on their bodies to make millions of dollars per year, why would you put it in your body?

Good quality supplements are difficult to come by, I should know, I have searched high and low to find superior ingredients that are actually in the products, and more importantly, safe products that are backed by science, deliver the results as expected, and are pharmaceutical grade. Supplements that are tested for purity, superior ingredients, and banned substances are the only products I feel comportable recommending to my clients looking for weight loss, fat loss, muscle mass, strength gains, athletic performance, and general health. This is why I proudly rely on Advocare’s products for myself as well as my clients. Do yourself a favor and save the time heading over to your street corner GNC and shop online to find the best products I’ve ever come across. If you know of another company with a reputation like Advocare’s, I’ll be surprised and interested to learn more about them.

If I were to recommend a few products that I feel everyone could benefit from, they are as follows:

1) Multi-Vitamin/Mineral: A good pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin, not your over-the-counter kind.

2) Omega 3 fatty acids: There are so many health related benefits to taking fish oil, so if you aren’t, start NOW. Did you know that you could increase your metabolic rate by nearly 400 calories per day by consuming 6-10g of fish oil per day?

3) Pro-biotic: Unless you eat like a saint, this little supplement will help your digestive tract absorb nutrients properly, enhance your weight management, and even enhance immune function.

4) Protein: This should be a no-brainer for everyone. Protein supplementation is great for those who don’t eat enough protein in their diets. Also, protein supplementation is vital for post-workout recovery and enhancing muscle strength and mass. 

5) Meal Replacement Shakes: I’m a huge fan of meal replacement shakes for everyone, especially those who struggle with managing their weight and those who constantly eat out for lunch and dinner. Meal replacement shakes offer a much more nutritious meal with less calories and saving your checkbook the hundreds of dollars you may spend monthly on eating out! Meal Replacement Bar serve the same function.

6) Glucosamine: For those of you with joint pain or for those of you who want to keep their joints happy and lubricated, this is pretty much a must!

7) Calcium: For many women in their 40’s and above, calcium supplementation is a good idea for maintaining/increasing bone density to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, which is unfortunately very common.

Be a smart consumer and purchase good quality nutritional products and supplements. If you’re still eating Totino’s pizza and Easy Mac, your probably better off getting your core nutrition squared away first, but if you have your ducks in a row, supplementing your diet with these great products can really enhance health and performance.

To your health!

-Coach Street


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