Posted by: Street | September 20, 2010

Clean Your Plate and Get a Treat!

This week’s blog post is aimed towards educating parents with young children. No, I am not a parent, but many of my peers my age are starting to pop out babies, and I’m sure I’ll be having a couple running around in a few short years. I was hangin’ with one of my best friends and his 3 year old son this weekend where I experienced the inspiration for this week’s blog topic. My friend had ordered some pizza for his son, me, and himself. FYI it was a cheat day for this guy, so before you get all “Brandon is a hyprocrit” on me, take a chill pill. My friend’s son finished about 1/2 of a slice of pizza (slices are pretty big) and said he was full. What’s the typical parental response to a youngster when he leaves food on the plate? You guessed it, my friend said “clean your plate.” Of course the first time around never works with the little rug-rats, so the second time around it went like this, “clean your plate buddy and you can have a treat!”

To many of you that incident may seem insignificant; however, what is the lesson being taught to this youngster? If I am full, continue to eat so I can get my ice cream afterwards? Isn’t teaching a child that when he/she is full they need to still eat and then be rewarded with a sugary treat the exact opposite of what you really want for your kids? I know my parents used this trick on me all of the time! Why is it such a big deal to clean your plate? Why can’t the parent just tupperware up the rest and leave it for leftovers? Wouldn’t that be a healthier lesson for the kid? Teaching this to a child could create the foundation of  understanding of how to not overeat. It’s simple “little things” like this that parents can do for their children as well as themselves that in the end of the week, month, and year can have tremendous health impacts!

Hopefully this can be one of those “little things” that can be easily implemented into all of your homes!

Have a great week!

-Coach Street


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