Posted by: Street | August 23, 2010

Everyone Needs a Coach

I have been fortunate in my experiences with my coaches as an athlete (Thanks Dad, Mr. Schulte, Mr. Conway, Mr. Horihan), and it’s from those experiences that has inspired me to be a coach as well. I think coach is a general term; when I was personal training a lot I always preferred the clients call me coach rather than a personal trainer because I think of a personal trainer as someone who is “rep counter” and a coach is someone who cares about you, is objective, is unbiased, and is not afraid to call you out on your faults. This is why everyone needs a coach in some manner. Since I am a health and fitness professional and strength and conditioning coach, let’s stick with the health and fitness theme.

The truth is that everyone can benefit tremendously from having a coach. If you think you have “things” under control, chances are there are areas that you could stand to improve upon. As humans we tend to focus on our strengths and not focus on our weaknesses. The beauty of having a good coach is that you will receive that objective, unbiased feedback. The coach will push the limits of what you thought possible on your own. Think of the greatest performers in the world, and this is in any industry, not just athletics. Do you think they got to where they were at without the help of coaches? Hell no!

There are a few things that are a certainty when it comes to your health. One of which is that sooner or later you are going to spend money on your health. You can choose to pay for a coach (AKA a really good personal trainer) and be pro-active with your health, or you can do nothing and pay tremendous amounts of money on health problems  in the future. Another option people take is to try do everything on their own. This often leads to other ways of paying health professionals, and that usually comes from visits to the orthopaedic doctor or physical therapist.

This is poor lifting form, but it's more commonly performed this way because of lack of being coached upon the right way!

The best thing you can do is work with a good coach and learn how to move right and eat right, and while that may sound simple, look around you and see just how simple it isn’t. This field is in need of more good coaches, and if you find one to work with, it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. If the healthy lifestyle is adopted, which is ultimately up to you, it will save you thousands and likely add numerous years to your life! How much money would you pay for years added to your life?



Before: Weight: 193 lbs Bodyfat: 11%

Week #1: Weight: 190 Bodyfat: 10%

Week #2: Weight: 187.4lbs Bodyfat: 9%

Week #3: Weight: 186.4 Bodyfat: 8.5%

This last week was a tough one! On the road for 6 days out of the week, and I ran out of the food that I brought in my cooler, so I had to improvise on a few occasions. Just shows how important it is to have a plan! I’m still happy that I was able to make some progress, but my goal for next week is to be 184lbs and below 8% bodyfat.

If you have any questions regarding your nutrition, supplement strategy, and fitness regimen, use this blog as an opportunity to ask!

To your health,

Coach Street



  1. Nice article! Keep up the good work and thanks for giving credit to your wonderful coaches you’ve had in your life.


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