Posted by: Street | August 8, 2010

Personal Training Psychology 101

This is a post for the health and fitness professionals as well as those who seek and/or use personal training services. I was fortunate to have learned and mentored underneath someone who had nailed the “personal” end of personal training.  Personal training is not just about a great workout; in fact, some of the best, most progressive sessions I have had with clients is from sitting them down and having a serious conversation about the who, what, where, and why’s they are working with me in the first place. As a trainer, you are lucky if all of this happens in the initial consultation; however, this is usually rare. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes weeks or months for someone to feel comfortable enough to “spill their guts.” If you are a trainer, be ready for this moment, as it could be the turning point in your client’s achievement of their goals.

If you have a trainer that you have this “personal” relationship with, as a client you are pretty fortunate. Just make sure that you are achieving what you came there for in the first place and not just paying $75/hour for a good listener. If you are health and fitness professional who doesn’t want to be involved with feelings and emotions, you better steer clear of personal training because it isn’t a question of when this is going to happen, it’s more of a “how often” is this going to happen. Generally speaking, people are unhealthy, and what comes with that unhealthiness is unhappiness. May sound a bit harsh, but in my experiences even the happiest unhealthy people that I’ve worked with eventually broke down and took off the smiling mask that they’ve forced themselves to wear.

When you are seeking a personal trainer, be sure to look for someone with good interpersonal skills. If you are seeking a trainer at a public gym, spy on him/her for awhile. Observation is key in finding a personal trainer who is passionate about what they do and more importantly how they go about their business. If you witness any of these antics out of a personal trainer, check them off of your list.

  1. The trainer sits down during the training session; otherwise known as they time you’ve paid for. Not acceptable!
  2. The trainer checks his cell-phone during the training session. What’s really important for this trainer?! Not acceptbale!
  3. The trainer watches the TV while you are working out. Not acceptable!
  4. The trainer isn’t constantly providing feedback, instruction, and encouragement! Not acceptable!
  5. The trainer doesn’t practice what he/she preaches and isn’t healthy and in-shape. Not acceptable!

Gotta Love Adam Sandler Movies!

 As for my progress update, see below. It was a very busy and challenging week. I was on the road for 4 of the days and worked nearly 10 hours per day, where meals (particularly unhealthy ones) were provided for me. Luckily for me, I packed a cooler and brought it with me wherever I went. What a novel idea huh?

Before Vitals: Height: 6’0″ Weight: 193lbs Bodyfat: 11%

After Week #1: Height: 6’0″ Weight: 190lbs Bodyfat: 10%

Not sure if you can see the difference between the “before” and “Week #1” pictures, but I can see and feel the difference. One thing I could have done better is got in a 3rd day of interval training like I had planned to do. There’s always room for improvement! Remember, this is a REAL transformation, no gimmiky Insanity or P90x going on here! Also remember my nutrition plan is derived from Precision Nutrition and my nutritional supplements are Advocare’s: Muscle Fuel, OmegaPlex, Coreplex, Catalyst, and Muscle Gain. I’ve also added Spark energy drink to my arsenal since last week. Some of you may think WOW, what a pill popper. Let me remind you of what these products are: Creatine, fish oil, multi-vitamin/mineral, amino acids, and protein. These are all healthy supplements with loads of research backing their safety and effectiveness.

Back to the grindstone!

-Coach Street



  1. Keep up the hard work!!

    • I will man! I’m shooting for 1% bodyfat change per week. So in about 3 more weeks or so the progress should really show. I like the week by week transformation though; I think it provides a more realistic picture of what truly happens. It doesn’t happen overnight; it takes consistency and dedication to a plan.

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