Posted by: Street | June 7, 2010

The Final Product

Well folks, for those of you who have read about my Dad and Brother’s journey towards their first bodybuilding competition, you would already understand the gravity of their transformation. However, I know there are many new readers daily here at Performance Street that should be made aware of what the body can do when the mind believes. I do not think that one needs to compete in a bodybuilding competition to make favorable changes in their physique and lifestyle; however, why not tap into that competitive side? You can bet your right butt cheek that the reason my ‘Ol Man and Little Brother made such a drastic change is because they knew people were going to see “all of them” on stage! Not only that, but they put their pride and their word on the line. Months before stepping on stage, I informed them (just as a mentor of mine told me to do) to tell everyone they cared about that they were competing in a bodybuilding competition on such and such date. The beauty of this is that their friends and loved ones helped them stay accountable to their promises. More importantly, they had a solid support system of poeple who were pulling for them and rooting them on. So the take home message for today’s blog post is to surround yourself with a positive support system. You may be your worst enemy, so you need to have an even stronger support system to keep you on track. You are going to constantly face people everyday that are going to try to halt your progress because it makes them feel more insecure about themselves. Many people like to refer to these types of people as haters. The more they try to halt your progress, take it as a compliment, because you can bet your other butt cheek that they secretly admire what you are doing to help yourself and they wish they had the guts to do it to.

Without further adieu:



169 lbs (Lost nearly 40 lbs of body fat!)



163 lbs (Lost nearly 30 lbs of body fat!)

Probably the coolest thing about their journey was this:

Getting to experience this together as Father and Son!

– Coach Street



  1. I have to say that there is a shortage of people leveraging a father/son (family) approach to this type of transformation. This is the first time I have witnessed this in the world of bodybuilding in 5 years! This is no joke folks. I was there. I seen and heard the before/after person underneath that unhealthy lifestyle. The bigger story here is that their LIFESTYLES have changed for ongoing benefits moving forward. The decisions that brought on 40 pounds are small but frequent. They get away from you. In talking to “dad”, I heard the denial and chosen ignorance of the 40 pound over weight person. We are the sum of many small decisions in our lives. Many of which are small and trivial at the time. I’ll bet the radar covers all aspects of their lives now. Taking no more time out of their busy lives. Just taking each decision and weighing out it’s impact whether it’s a positivie or negative one BEFORE they make it. Congratulations and thank you guys for the inspiration. It was truely moving to be part of your transformations!


    • The infamous “spill-over effect” of exercise and a healthy lifestyle! It’s difficult to explain, but phenomenal to experience!

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