Posted by: Street | April 30, 2010

My Old Man’s Transformation!

For those of you who thought my brother’s transformation was awesome, check out my Dad’s remodeling job. Not to take anything away from my brother, but my dad is 53 years old! Now I do not think that 53 years old is ancient by any means, but I think until my dad committed to a bodybuilding competition (and being on the receiving end of some remarks from his smart-ass son), he thought he was too old to make such a drastic improvement in his physique. Boy did he prove himself wrong! He is living proof that as we age, we do not lose our ability to benefit from the effects of good nutrition and physically active lifestyles. Scroll down to see the transformation!

Dad Before

Dad 6 weeks back

Dad's Transformation

Silver Fox

Dad a few days back

Dad Transformation

Best shape in 20 years! Does that sound right Dad?

You’re an inspiration to us all Dad (you too Dustin). You guys are demonstrating the mental toughness and discipline it takes to accomplish a goal. It’s 100% mental! Working out and eating right is the easy part; it’s the constant decision to do so that is the challenge. Be proud and finish strong! I’ll say it again because the proof is in the puddin’ (with whey protein of course), both my brother and my father are using the PN (precision nutrition) System. I don’t think I really need to say more than that. It’s ok, roll your eyes at my constant recommendation of this system; I’ll continue to roll my eyes at the constant procrastination and we’ll call it even.


Coach Street



  1. This is awesome! I was just wondering when we would hear an update about him. Very impressive!

  2. Brandon,

    Nice article and thanks so much for pushing me. This is the best shape I’ve been in since my late 20’s or early 30’s when I was still coaching wrestling. Good nutrition along with a good workout program goes a long way plus, having a good workout partner in Wade helps a lot.

    Proud of you and keep up the good work!


  3. Same to you man! The upcoming wedding is my new goal to look my best for my beautiful bride. It’s always nice to have a few events throughout the year to light a fire under your ass!

  4. Sounds like synergy! I as well am very proud of all you of guys! Bathe in this moment and remember how good it feels to feel good!!!

  5. Dang. I’m impressed. I know I asked you this awhile back, but where can I find that nutrition stuff at?

    Hope all is well in the organization,


  6. You can find it right here Tony on my blog. Click on the Apple with the 6-pack on the home page of the blog, and it’ll bring you there. Thanks for the wishes with the organization, and hope all is well with law school. Are you enrolled yet?

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