Posted by: Street | April 20, 2010

What Precision Nutrition Has Done For My Brother!

I know a little social proof hits home with a little more OOMPH than just my words. I mean, yeah, my words should be taken quite seriously, but I know these words go through both eyes, somehow misses the brain, and goes out through the ears for many people. If you don’t know me, how can you trust me right? Well, if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, then you know how highly I praise the Precision Nutrition system. Several of you have taken me up on my recommendation, and not one person has been disappointed. If you are disappointed, please feel free to voice yourself, after all, this is a blog. However, I thought a little visual proof of my brother might make you say something like, “holy shit, that’s a big difference!” At least that’s what I say when I get his picture messages when I ask him for a training update. Without further adieu……….

My brother Dustin Before….

Precision Nutrition“>

My brother Dustin a few weeks back…..

Only a few weeks into the Precision Nutrition System

My brother Dustin as of today, and he’s not done yet!

For the first time in my life, my brother is in better shape than I....atta boy!

Dustin will be the first to admit that he’s been pretty half-ass so-to-speak with his diet over the years. He’s always been active and enjoys lifting weights, but he never really listened to his big brother Brandon until recently! I’ll guarantee you he’ll back me up when I say, “You can’t out exercise poor nutrition!” I’ll give myself a little credit here and say that they’ve been getting some pretty sweet training programs from yours truly, but it’s the nutrition that makes all the difference in the world!

Stay Tuned for this guy's transformation...get ready for another "Holy Shit!"

For those of you reading this, maybe you want to go click on the ripped apple image on right side of home page of the blog…or you can wait….that sounds like a phenomenal idea.

-Coach Street



  1. I like it bro.. I knew you were going to use the fishing picture…

  2. I bet you did! I’ve given you a hard time for that in the past. Stay after it bud, show the readers what it’s all about! Proud of ya!

  3. Nice picture of your old man! I look like I was living pretty good in that photo with that belly………Wow. Wait till you see my updated photo’s in the next few days and we still have 6+ weeks to go until the big event.

  4. Good work Dustin! … It’s all about consistency and remaining focused on the end goal. The diet is always #1. There’s just no getting around it. Looking forward to the continued updates and progress.

    Thanks for the post Brandon!

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