Posted by: Street | April 8, 2010

Declare War on Attrition!

Quit hitting yourself for God's Sake!

The words exercise and nutrition may as well be interchangebly used with attrition. Attrition is really just a fancy word for quitting. Why is it so easy for some to quit when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle? What’s even more confusing to me, is that people are willing to try and then quit numerous times in a single year, each time trying something new. People have come so accustomed to failure that there’s no pride or self-dignity left. So what’s the answer? DON’T QUIT! Geesh, that’s ground breaking stuff here. Don’t be a quitter and don’t let yourself down.

Media is our worst enemy in the field of health and fitness. People truly believe that there is a secret supplement that will melt their fat away, while they continue to order off of the dollar menu at McDonald’s. OR they believe that a program like P90X-tra stupid will bring them life-changing results in 90 days. To get a little off-track, anyone who exercises for 90 days and follows a healthy diet plan will see fantastic results; P90X is not the solution, it’s the fact that you haven’t quit on yourself for 90 days. Many of you reading this have practiced poor exercise and nutritional habits for years, perhaps even decades; is it rational for you to think that you can reverse all of that in a month, 6 months, or even two years? Let’s also remember that exercising and nutrition isn’t something to commit to for a pre-determined duration. If you commit to a month, YOU WILL FAIL. If you commit to a 3 months, YOU WILL FAIL. If you commit to 6 months and longer, you are on the right track because you will experience the benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle, and chances are that once you experience that, it would be pretty unintelligent of you to stop.

In conclusion, quit banging your head against the wall! It’s unhealthy for both your body and mind (concussions duh) to continually fail, when all you have to do is allow yourself to win. Don’t be your own worst enemy, and if you are being your own worst enemy, then you don’t want it bad enough, it’s really that simple! Don’t make it more complicated.

– Coach Street



  1. Great article! I especially loved the P90X-tra stupid piece!

  2. Brandon- as usual you put things in great perspective and make the obvious seem obvious! Don’t Quit is a good mantra and one I need to hear. Miss you!!

    • Brandon….you are so right! Great job….the information is incredible and you are doing such a great job….wonderful message, I agree with you 100%…no quick fix and yes everyone is looking for a method that is going to make it happen instantly….small steps in the right direction….and it is hard work, but God it is worth it…just ask your Dad…we talked about it today……take care and keep up all the great advice. I love it!!!

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