Posted by: Street | April 1, 2010

I’m Alive I Swear

Since this blog is still in its infancy, I am entirely sure of how many people are bummed in my lack of material lately. It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, but I promise that this is not a result of laziness or complacency. In a way, I have been off chasing a dream of mine and so far so good. Since I do have to get up in 4 hours, I’ll keep this short, and I know all my compassionate, loyal readers understand the importance of sleep! I’ve been working with professional athletes for the last month, and I’ll tell you this, many of them are not in much better shape than you! Hard to believe?  Yeah, I was a bit blown away by this as well. So my mission is to help correct this problem by applying the concepts I’ve learned and am learning to this new demographic. Guess what the number one culprit is with professional athletes in regards to their fitness and performance? Hint: it starts with a “N.” Yep, you guessed it, nutrition! This is going to be quite challenging though. Young male professional athletes tend to be a bit egotistical and there is a strong belief that they are all superhuman. They haven’t been around long enough to have developed beer bellies, diabetes, metabolic disorders, bad backs, bad knees, etc….. So, I have a bit of a challenge to start chewing on….bring it on sucka!

“How you react in the face of adversity defines you”

–          That may be a Street original, can anyone verify?



  1. Glad to hear you are still alive. If anyone can turn them around you can. For the first Easter of my life no candy in the house.

    Take care Mary

  2. Verified!

    In addition to that, I can only imagine the level of play with athletes at the professional level if they simply applied themselves to being HEALTHY. I would like to imagine that better nutrition=betterplay=betterpay!! That should motivate!

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