Posted by: Street | February 26, 2010

Shhhhh….I’m hunting Yabuts!

Seriously, what is “Yabut?” Is it a relative to the cute little fury bunny rabbit? Does Elmer Fudd have a brother that struggles with his R’s by substituting Y’s? “Shhhhh, I am hunting yabuts.” Or is it a new slang term for vomiting,? Its use would go something like, “oh man, you totally just yabutted all over my shoe.” I would say that the vomit definition is the closest definition of “yabut,” but of the word vomit variety. Excuse my attempt at humor there, but if it was not funny, insert courtesy laugh here _______.

Yabuts are excuses folks, and you know how the saying goes about excuses. When it comes to getting into shape, I think there is potentially world record setting numbers for excuses.

“Yabut” excuses to getting into shape:

  1. “Yabut I do not have enough time.” Really? You know damn well that there’s time available to exercise, you just choose not to.
  2. “Yabut it is hard to eat healthy because I have to cook for my whole family.” Huh? Why is this a problem?
  3. “Yabut it is too expensive to eat healthy.” Do an experiment for a month. Eat only the healthy groceries you buy and do not go out to eat once. Track your finances. How much do you want to bet you saved money by the end of the month?
  4. “Yabut I work all day, how am I supposed to eat that often?” How about having a plan? Do you have a fridge at work? Do you have a toaster oven? Do you have a microwave? Can you bring a cooler? Of course you do. So bring your foods to work. Stock your fridges with convenient healthy options. Stock your desk drawer with healthy snacks. Bring a cooler to work if you don’t have a fridge. All it takes is a little planning folks. Do you drive to a place you have never been before without a map or navigation device? No; the point is have a plan.
  5. “Yabut I have tried working out before, and I did not have good results.” Again, did you have a plan? Why did you quit? Did you do your best? Honestly, did you do your best? Or was it just easier to go back to your old bad habits?
  6. “Yabut working out and eating healthy is hard.” Is it really hard, or is it that you’ve just been really lazy and you don’t remember what it’s like to actually exert yourself? Do you remember how you felt when you were a little kid? Probably full of energy and full of life! Could it be that you felt that way because you were always running around and playing? When you do complete a good workout, even if sporadic, don’t you feel accomplished and energized? Sure your body might feel tired, but how about your mind?

Feel free to add some of your own “Yabut” excuses in the comments section. Liberate yourself from your excuses and become a healthier you! Trust me and others who have their health and fitness figured out. It is empowering to feel in control of your body and mind. It will have a tremendous spill-over effect into many areas of your life, and I guarantee you will inspire someone close to you to do the same.

-Coach Street



  1. No courtesy laugh had to be inserted for me..I’m still laughing! Very good post brother boy and oh so true. I had so many Yabuts in the past and I am done. My Yabut was can I possibly find time to workout when I work full time and have two kids. Why do I no longer have a Yabut you ask? I have finally realized that I need to make myself a priority as well. By losing the weight and getting into shape I will have more energy for the girls and be so much happier with myself. Three and a half weeks in and I feel great. I can only imagine that how good I will feel when I reach my goals!

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