Posted by: Street | February 21, 2010

My Affiliate Memberships

On Sale Until February 28th

One of my good friends/clients gave me the idea that I should inform the other readers of the blog about my affiliate memberships (the pictures with links on the right side of the page). The concern I had was that I did not want people to think that I was trying to make a quick buck off referring people to those products. What my friend helped me realize is that I should not worry about this at all because I would be doing the readers a disservice by not referring them to areas that can help them improve their lifestyles. Furthermore, I am not an expert in all areas of health and fitness, but I do try to surround myself with the best resources to me. Sometimes all it takes is another person’s perspective to put stuff back into perspective for yourself.

This is why I am taking this opportunity to highlight my Affiliate membership to Precision Nutrition. To be quite blunt, if you do not pay attention to your diet, you will suffer the consequences sooner or later. Look and listen to the stories and news about heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc…..why do you think that now more than ever people are experiencing these diseases? On one hand, you can say because people are inactive and lazy. But you would be wrong! Being physically active all day long does not fill your body with the necessary nutrients to fuel all of the chemical reactions that occur in your body. You may have heard this quote before, but it is so true: “You are what you eat.” And in most cases, the high rates of disease in this country are a result of people “being what they eat.” You can say I am insensitive and that their is a genetic link to all of this crap, and to that I say, “you are absolutely correct.” However, those who have a genetic predisposition to a disease should be even more ultra-aware of what is going into your body. So in order to stop my rant, I want to point everyone to Precision Nutrition. This is the simply the best nutrition system out there. I do this health and fitness stuff for a living, and I have the PN system. My sister has a PN system. Several of my clients has the PN system. World class athletes have the system. And seriously, without fail, the Precision Nutrition system never disappoints; it gets people results. The only thing that could make this system better is if it cooked the food for you, chewed the food for you, and made you swallow the food. I say this because you still have to make the choice to make the food, to follow the concepts, and allow yourself to feel better, look better, and allow your body to have the nutrition IT NEEDS! So go ahead and do yourself a favor and check out the system. Hell, if you have a spare $97, just buy the damn system before February 28th while it is on sale. It is literally worth thousands of dollars. YES THOUSANDS! You will get more ROI (return on investment) than anything you have ever purchased!  Let us say that you already know everything about your health and nutrition (I doubt it) and want just some recipes to add to your repitoire, check out this resource: Gourmet Nutrition.

Here’s to you being healthy!

Coach Street


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