Posted by: Street | February 19, 2010

Don’t Be That Guy Series

Do not let the title of this title mislead the female readers of this blog, because your time is coming! My intention is not to flame one gender or the other, but in my round-about way I want to teach you guys/gals contemporary gym etiquette. That being said, let me begin. Those of you who have spent significant time in the gym will have one of two responses to the following. You will either say, “man, I cannot stand that guy!” OR, you will quietly be taking notes and thinking to yourself, “damnit, have I really become that guy?”

So, without further ado, here is the first part of the Don’t Be That Guy Series:

1) “Don’t be that guy” wearing weight-lifting gloves; Callouses are your friend in the gym, and trust me, you aren’t lifting enough weight to hurt your precious little hands.

  1. Don't Be That Guy

2) “Don’t be that guy” with ILS. ILS, or more commonly known as Imaginary Lat Syndrome, leaves many gym-goers with this false sense of having bowling balls under your armpits. The truth is, your lats are not that big, and it leaves you looking like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy asking where the weight room is.

Don't Be That Guy

3) “Don’t be that guy” that wears blue jeans to the gym. Not to mention that metal zippers and buttons can tear the upholstery on gym equipment, but what in the world makes anyone think that blue jeans are kosher in a gym atmosphere?! They don’t stretch, they aren’t breathable, and “that guy” is the only person in the gym wearing them. How many more clues does this guy need? Oh yea, and Zubaz are out too. Mesh shorts are the way to go, wearing long pants is whole other cover-up issue that we’ll dive into for “Don’t Be That Guy Series Part Deux.”

Might want to ditch the mullet as well

In all seriousness guys, the gloves, jeans, zubaz, and ILS has got to go. Trust me; you’ll thank me later.

– Coach Street



  1. Hilarious!
    You should also not be the guy who walks in and starts doing curls immediately.
    Or the guy who fixes his hair while lifting.
    I workout at the Y by Mankato West and the first thing all these high school kids do is grab dumbells and start doing’s about all they do period. The other day a kid was doing one armed curls and was fixing his hair with his free hand.

    • Love it Kyle! I plan on taking this a couple steps further, and I’ll probably end up mixing in some of your experiences as well, cuz they are classic!

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