Posted by: Street | February 13, 2010

Six Pack Abs are a Lifestyle (and so is the keg belly)


Hey Everyone!

It has been a few days since my last post, but I must say that I am pretty excited about the readership so far. However, I would like to invite you all to contribute comments and questions after you have read the material. Chances are you will have some questions after reading some of the material, so ask em! Today we are going to talk about how to get a six pack.

First off, there is not a special exercise that is going to shed the dreaded fat away from your belly. If you learn nothing else from this post, understand that spot reduction does not work. And if you are still scratchin’ your head wondering what spot reduction is, it is the thinking that exercising a specific area to death is going to help you lose just your belly fat. With that being said, you can already save yourself the time and money by not watching those stupid infomercials about the belly strap that electrically stimulates your abdominal muscles for you. Now, say it with me, “spot reduction does not work.” There, now you will not have to have that conversation again. Moving on…..So if spot reduction does not work, and there is no secret exercise, what could possibly be the answer? I am really not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence here, but again, let us say it all together, “the answer is NUTRITION!”

Sonofa!!!! Looks like I just opened up a whole new can of worms. Because the media tries it’s darndest to confuse you into believing that fad diets are the answer, I understand how confusing this must be. Hell, if health and fitness was not my career, I would be lost too! So here are some general nutrition tips below to help you get on the right track:

  1. Drink lots of water! A good rule of thumb is drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces. This is the easiest correction to make. “But I like diet pop!” Too fricken bad; do not drink it. Yeah I know it is calorie free, but do me a favor and tell me what you find when google “side effects of aspartame.”
  2. Eat often: Eat every 3-4 hours. If you do so, you will find that you will not overeat throughout the day. Not only that, but keeping a constant flow of energy to your body will help you from feeling tired, lose fat, and avoid cravings.
  3. Do not skip breakfast! Think of the last meal you ate the night before; chances are it’s been nearly 8-10 hours since you have eaten. What do you think is happening to your metabolism? It slows down and stores fat and/or will utilize protein in your muscles as an energy source. We want to preserve our precious muscle that we work so hard for.
  4. Build your meals around a lean protein. Every meal! Most people are very deficient with their protein intake, and what are our muscles composed of? Protein, that is right. So what are we sacrificing if we are strength training and not consuming enough protein in our diet? Muscle! Damn you are smart!
  5. Pay close attention here with the carbs. Feel free to eat 2-3 servings of fruit per day, and go absolutely on the fibrous carbs, otherwise known as green vegetables! Good luck overeating on veggies! As for the “other” carbs; you know, the pastas, grains, breads, cereals, potatoes, etc… them only after you have worked out. That is your incentive to work out on a regular basis! Healthy, or “complex carbs” are obviously preferred, which are oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams, whole grain cereals, whole grain pastas, etc… If you can stick to your guns here, you are probably going to start looking different. Keeping your carbs in check has been shown in numerous studies to be superior in fat loss. Combine that with sufficient intake of protein, and we have fat burning machine! Provided that the exercise thing (lifting weights!) is happening!
  6. Shop in the produce section of your grocery store. Eat fresh! No that is not giving you the Subway OK.
  7. Post workout nutrition is very important! Be sure to consume a fast absorbing protein source with 30 minutes of exercise. Ready to drink shakes work really well for this. Muscle Milk and EAS Myoplex are good brands that I have used in the past. They also work well for meal replacements when times get real busy. Better yet, learn to make them on your own with the Ultimate Shake Guide in the Precision Nutrition system.

You can do this! Think of an area you have exceled at before and apply yourself here as you did there. All it takes is a constant effort, some discipline, and to see the changes. Once the changes begin, the rest is history! You will be a believer! You will have taken control! You will beat the odds that every American is facing these day!

Let us reverse the trend!

Coach Street



  1. EXCELLENT POST! Thank you for the clarification on the carb eating, I now have a better understanding on what to pick out at the store:)
    I enjoy doing the kneeling planks, and supine planks for my abs, do you recommend anything for the side lower back flab????
    I have been so happy with the results so far, and I am not even a whole week into it! I keep your quotes always in my head!!!
    Thank you so much COACH! Jenny

    • First, let’s remember that spot reduction doesn’t work, but I do know of exercise that target the musculature you are concerned about. Since you are already doing variations of planks, mix in a side plank. That will work your obliques, Lats, and QL or the “side lower back flab” as you call it 🙂 It will be the balance of strength training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition that will rid yourself of unwanted body fat.

  2. I have been working out hard for about a month and a half now im getting bigger but my stomach is getting fatter while everything else is getting more muscular im lost

    I eat eggs for breakfast turkey and apples and protein shakes for lunch and either chicken or fish and watermelon for dinner. why am i gaining belly fat and could you give me like a diet plan i could work with? i’m 6’1 170lbs

    thank you

    • Tell you what Dave, give me some more specifics with your workout routine. Also, let me know what it is that you are trying to accomplish. As far as your nutrition goes, if what you say above is correct, you aren’t eating enough, often enough, and are lacking various nutrients. Try journaling your intake for a few days to get an exact picture of what goes into your mouth on a daily basis, because chances are it is quite different that what you remember eating. I’ll be happy to help, I just need some more information to work with man. Also, if you have a spare $97, purchase the precision nutrition system, and all your nutritional worries will be solved; it’s a fantastic nutrition system. Click on the “Apple with the 6 pack” on the right side of the home page to head to their website.

      Talk to you soon,

      Coach Street

  3. ok ill start writing it down today…Im trying to get bigger but filled with muscle i am kinda skinny trying to get some muscle on but defintion mostly too. I have been lifting upper body then lower body then a day off and repeat…its definitely working so far its just my stomach seems like its the only spot that is gaining fat and everything else is gaining muscle and definition im confused maybe its my diet? any suggestions?

    Thanks so much

    • Understand that definition comes from a decrease in the amount of body fat. Trying to build muscle while losing fat is a difficult balance for most people to find, and that balance is definitely through nutrition and exercise. I know you’ll benefit from writing down what you are eating, but are you only lifting weights? Are you performing any cardiovascular activity? Performing conditioning activities greatly affects the amount of body fat you’ll carry.

      Lookin’ forward to hearing back from ya.

      Coach Street

  4. No i havent really been running or anything like that I mean I feel like if i run or anything like that then i will be losing weight instead of gaining muscle still? Is what i am eating good? I havent found a diet that really works so far.

    thanks again

    • You will help burn calories by running, but be sure to perform high intensity intervals, as these will be muscle sparing, but they will help you shed some of the unwanted fat. I still need more details about your training program and nutrition. Be specific from every exercise you are performing and to how the program is designed logistically. I’m thinking about offering a service to my blog about designing workouts for people, would that interest you?

      I can already sense urgency and frustration in your responses Dave, and I have to say, be patient and continue to learn. If you think you are just going to have it figured out immediately, you are seriously mistaken. So relax and enjoy figuring out your body because it’s unique to you. Nutritionally, as I said before, with limited information you are lacking in several areas. If you want a great nutrition program, I’ll say it again, “buy precision nutrition from my blog.” It will help you get the results you are talking about. “I promise.”

      Lookin’ forward to our continued journey together.

      Coach Street

  5. ya a workout designer would be pretty cool.
    I do chest triceps back and shoulders on one day then biceps and legs the next day then the day off and repeat. Im going to throw some running in there too now.

    As for diet I am real lost on that ha. I eats alot of fruit like apples tangerines bananas watermelon canteloupe and i eat alot of fish chicken turkey and eggs. Im not too sure if thats right because I only eat 3 times a day?

    thank you!

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