Posted by: Street | February 3, 2010

“Trying” is a Promise to Fail

If there is an overused word in the fitness industry, or any industry for that matter, it’s “try.” A good friend of mine and fellow colleague often says “trying is a promise to fail.” Now I’m not sure if he coined this phrase or not, but how true it is. Think of how many times you’ve “tried” to lose weight, or how many times have you’ve “tried” to start exercising regularly, or how many times you’ve “tried” to start eating a healthy diet. If you’re lucky, you haven’t let yourself down that many times; on the other hand, this may be a monthly event. Why do we put ourselves through so much turmoil by “trying?” Which leads me to my next point, just do something progressive and build on it. As much as I love the fitness aspect of our health, the area most everyone can put some time and effort into is their nutrition. I am constantly amazed by the misconceptions and dieting tactics that people “try” to use to lose weight and body fat. The truth of the matter is, you probably already know what to do. If you really don’t know, don’t be ashamed, “do” something about it. Write down 5 questions that you’d like to know about nutrition, and I’ll come back with some answers. I want to encourage readers of this blog to be proactive with their health and not reactive. Do not wait until you are on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and insulin for your diabetes; your best medicine is exercising and eating healthy. Again, write down those 5 questions and reply to this post. Another proactive option is to click on the Apple with six-pack abs, this will bring you to the Precision Nutrition website. This nutrition system is the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand nutrition solution that I’ve ever come across. This system is not a gimmick; it will teach you how to eat right for you and how to keep the weight off forever. For some of you that know me and trust me, you know that I don’t endorse products and gimmicks unless they are the real deal. For those of you that don’t know me, I want to let you know that I’ll never lead you away from the right solutions to your health and fitness, and I’ll never support gimmicks and fad dieting.

Coach Street



  1. Brandon,

    Nice article! Keep righting about stuff like this and who know’s, you might be the next health and fitness guru. I’m proud of what you are doing and you have helped me achieve some personal goals. Now, we have 4 months to go until the competition, my mind set is right, let’s get this done.


    • That’s right, 4 months to go! We’ll get it done, and you are going to look great. For anyone else who reads this, my Dad is competing in master’s bodybuilding competition in June 2010. If it’s okay with my Dad, I’ll keep the readers of Performance Street up to date with his progress, training, and nutrition. Understand, my Dad is 52 years old and is a lot like many 52 year old men in America, but he set a goal and is going to achieve it. He is “doing” and not “trying.”

  2. That article was great! I’ve been the poster child for “trying” the past few years and I am done! That “trying” has definitely turned into a “Will” for me. Starting my routine this week has woke me up and it’s amazing how much more energy I have and just an overall BETTER attitude. Thank you for everything and keep posting these motivational articles!

    • That’s fantastic news Jamie! Once you take control of your health and fitness, it will have a profound “spill-over” effect into other areas of your life you never thought possible! I’m behind you and I believe in you!

  3. So i was told to work out at my target heart rate at all times. So far i find this very hard to do. I want to run and i find that when the running starts to fell the best my THR gets too hight and i should slow to a walk. Is this ok?? Can i keep running? My THR is about 150. I have seen it climb to 178. But at 178 i felt a runners high almost, no pain, plenty of cardio left in me and i felt like i could run forever. This has been my concern from day one. My goals are to get healthier, lose 58lbs and keep it off. Please let me know what you think. I think this is something you should blog about. Everyone should know what there THR is i think. Or atleast thats what i have been told…fill me in.

    • Isaac,

      I’m not sure where you heard that you should train at your target HR and only our target HR, because there is no specific one target HR for anybody, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you feel fine at 178 bpm, then stay there! In fact, the faster you are running, the more calories you are burning. Now if we want to talk about more efficient ways to burn fat, I should inform you of HIIT (high intensity interval training). If you are spending alot of time on the treadmill and such, you could likely spend half the time and burn more calories performing HIIT training. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Let me know if you care to hear more about it!

      Coach Street

  4. Great work Brandon! I look forward to learning how to take control of not only my health but help my kids- these “right” habits of eating and exercise need to start at a young age and I hope to lead by example. You are right – alot of us probably already know what to do but we need to begin to focus on a few simple things and then build on it. We are right now focusing on portion control, I have really noticed how easy it is to “over” eat! Is there a general rule of thumb for an estimated portion(ex. size of fist)?
    Thanks for what you are doing for the well being of so many! We are proud of you! Tari

    • You are absolutely correct that your kids are a reflection of you. I know you are probably thinking “what the hell do you know about parenting,” and you’re right! But what I’ve seen from the hundreds of clients that I’ve worked with is a trend, and I’ll let you draw that conclusion.

      As far as portion control goes there are multiple theories. Here’s one below:

      Protein = Size of a deck of cards (4 oz)
      Veggies = Good luck eating too much greens, but what you could fit inside hand
      Fruit = Keep it simple, about the same as veggies
      Carbs = What you could fit into the volume of your fist

      Another theory that works well for sum, is eat visually equal portions, but this can get out of hand with an isatiable appetite. However, it’s difficult to eat a lot of food if the veggies and protein are eaten first, make sure there is chewing and swallowing going on and not inhaling ;).

      Couple other tips:
      1) Don’t drink your calories, stick to water! 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces
      2) Eat often (every 3-4 hours)
      3) Build your meals around a protein, when you think food, think protein first
      4) Strength train to maintain/build muscle to increase your metabolism and good looks 😉 and be sure to mix in some cardio to burn more calories and fat.
      5) Avoid high sugar treats, ice cream, etc…

      One more important thing, If you read my recommendation about Precision Nurition (the 6-pack Apple on the right hand side of the blog page), you should seriously consider purchasing that. People will probably get sick of me promoting that product, because there all thinking I’m making some money off of it, and the truth is there right! However, I’ve seen this program work for many people and I’ve bought the system myself. It’s a complete nutrition system that is worth ten times the investment.

      Keep em comin! Please spread the word about my blog to your friends and family!

      Coach Street

  5. Brandon,
    Thanks for the motivation, I am so excited. I did the awesome workout last night, and I loved it. Now I just need lots of will power to eat right and stick to the workout. Thanks again, Jenny

    • Remember how important the nutrition aspect is in regards to how you look and feel. Here’s a quote you should ring in the back of your head when faced with nutritional adversity, “you can’t out exercise poor nutrition.”

  6. Hey Brandon,
    Can you tell me more about this HIIT stuff or give me some websites to checkout?

    • HIIT is quite simple actually. It’s much more time efficient than traditional modes of aerobic exercise, and it’s also superior in the amount of calories expended because of a phenomenon known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) or otherwise known as afterburn. Here’s a simple progression for you Kyle:
      1) Perform 30 seconds (100% effort) followed by 2 minutes of active recovery (walking) for 8 reps for one week. So if you were on a treadmill, the 30 second interval should be performed as hard as you can. Once the 2 minute recovery is done, you hit up rep #2 for 30 seconds again. Repeat for 8 reps. The next week, shoot for 10 reps, the week after that 12 reps. Let me know how that goes for you, and then we’ll see if you’re ready for a progression.

      Does that make sense?

  7. Hey Brandon,
    Can you give me some information about HIIT, or point me in the direction of some good websites?

    • Thanks, I will give this a shot. Seems easy enough. Should I be doing this three times a week and giving my body a full days rest between or can I be working out the other days?

      • If my memory serves me correct Kyle, you are doing strength training as well. If you’re number one goal right now is weight reduction, you can perform these intervals nearly every day of the week. Listen to your body though, if you are feeling run down one day, feel free to take a day off. Just make sure your nutrition is sound! When you perform them on your strength days, make sure you are performing them post workout.

        Keep me posted on your progress man!

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