Posted by: Street | February 1, 2010

Happy “Keep Your Ticker Healthy” Month

As many of you may or may not know, February is National Heart Awareness Month, or something of that nature. I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk a little bit about heart health. First off, cardiovascular disease is one the number one killers in America. Now, if I were to ask everyone what they would do to avoid heart disease, what do you think they would say? Let’s all mutter it together: “Eat healthy and exercise.” I understand there are genetic components that are difficult for some to avoid; however, those who are genetically predisposed to the disease should be a hell of a lot more proactive with their health. Genetics predisposition does not mean you’ve  got a front row ticket to death row; it simply means you need to be more aware of what’s going into your body and what you are doing with your body. Because PERFORMANCE STREET is in its infancy, I’ll keep this post pretty general. Though this may not be press stopping information, I’ll say it anyway. People, eat healthy and exercise! If you don’t know how to do one or the other, I’ll expect to hear some feedback.


Coach Street


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